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Global Companies Volunteering Globally cheap formal dresses

The Report of the Corporate Volunteer Research Project has been presented to GCVC members at their meeting in New Orleans on June 4th.

It has three components: the State of Health of Corporate Volunteering around the world, seven learnings based on the interviews with 48 global companies, and a general overwiew of corporate volunteering of the six regions: Latin America, AsiaPacific, Europe, Africa, Arab Nations and North America.

Foto_Capa_Global_Companies_Volunteering_GloballyTo read the English version please
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To read the Portuguese version please Click here.

To read the Spanish version
please Click here.



Executive Summary available in Russian

The Executive Summary of the Global Corporate Volunteering Research has been translated into russian by the Translation Center for Research Civil Society and Non-profit Sector - National University - Higher School of Economics.

In 2011, The Center will conduct a study corporate volunteering in Russia in the global project.

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SURVEY State of Health

Add your perspective on the state of health of corporate volunteering in your country, region and worldwide. Answer the 6 questions here. Responda las 6 preguntas aqui. Responda as 6 perguntas aqui.


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